If you think you have Swine Flu Swin flue

If you think you have swine flu symptoms, stay at home and contact your GP. They will be able to assess you and decide what treatment is appropriate.
DR Niti Pall

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Strengthening primary healthcare in India: white paper on opportunities for partnership In BMJ Publication Editorial and Article on BMJ Website
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Health India's vision is to dramatically reduce ill health events for all, with special emphasis on the aspiring urban communities via a high impact family medicine solution. Setting in place an effective scalable health business, delivering high quality, low cost primary health care to the people.

Working with partners and training institutions to establish a workforce of general practitioners, nurses and healthcare assistants establishing the health workforce of the future for India

There is also evidence that primary care improves the management of routine illnesses that have serious consequences if neglected. Only a few weeks ago, the WHO alerted India to its enormous burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension, and to the fact that these have replaced infectious diseases as the major cause of death. Thus, 80 % of deaths in India are attributable to such diseases which are also the cause of 80 % of premature deaths in the country. NCDs have an impact not just on the family, but on the economy too, with studies demonstrating a clear link between rising levels of NCDs and a loss of economic growth. High quality primary care has been shown to lower mortality linked to medical problems such as these by focusing on prevention, and early diagnosis and treatment.

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Very Important
It's important to share all information, even if you're embarrassed. Be sure to tell your doctor about any current and past health issues or concerns.
All symptoms you are having.

  • Mention summary of your health history.
  • Personal information including and physical and Mental stress or changes.
  • Medication Information with strength of the medicine (for example, 150 mg or 200 mg?).
  • Allergies.
  • Make sure to follow any instructions your doctor gave you
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